Bohemian Soul Creative Community House
We launched Bohemian Soul as an online shop in December 2020 and evolving to run a schedule of various arts & crafts classes at our Bohemian Soul Creative Community House.

Since we started, we collaborated with other businesses, organizations, camp sites, and events.
creative community house
Bohemian Soul is a modern & vintage Bohemian handmade interior, craft, & fashion shop and class studio based in Tripoli, Lebanon.

We offer a selection of multifunctional, trendy handmade interior, accessories, & fashion inspired by the modern Bohemian style. Stay colorful and trendy in an affordable way.
“We stand for creativity, originality, quality, innovation and craftsmanship. We are compelled by our resolve to make every home beautiful without impacting the mother earth. A small change can give a home a completely different experience. By combining pure and natural materials with a beautiful souvenir or other personal object, you get subtle, unexpected contrasts.

These seeming contradictions provide precisely that important balance. The 'emotions' have found their balance and are completely relaxed, where it is needed. All our items are (hand) manufactured in a sustainable way and each item is unique and has its own story”.
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